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Roofing Inspection Details

Many details add up to the overall beauty and durability of a roof. At Luc’s Roofing we make sure that each small part of every roofing job is done perfectly. This creates a seamless and professional result every time. Below are some of details of what we do.

 Flashing’s and Valleys

Where used, metal work makes your roof last longer than other sealants and adds beauty to your home. Here are some examples of the basic uses of metal on a roof.

Chimney flashing protects the roof from snow, ice and water.

The same chimney from a distance, eye-pleasing as well as functional.


Done well, this counter-flashing is very artistic.

A typical valley.

Installed correctly, this valley gives the roof clean lines.


Proper ventilation makes your roof function better and last longer. Often the soffit vents are blocked by insulation. A slant-back ventilation system allows the air to enter from the low end of the roof and exit at the top, keeping your shingles from curling and becoming brittle before their time.

Slant-back ventilation system.

Slant-back vents follow the flow of a roof line.


Self-sealed skylights blend effortlessly into a roof, keeping a trim and tidy appearance. One of the key aspects in creating curb appeal for your home is the way all parts of a roof fit together and work in unison. Installed perfectly, the skylight featured here creates a brighter space illuminated by natural light and looks great.

Self flashing skylight.

Curb mount skylight.


Facing, or shingling on a vertical surface, can help define the look of your home. Featured here are three different effects accomplished by facing strategic surfaces in the right color and type of shingle.


Up-tempo country.

Rustic charm.

Urban cedar.

Grounds Protection

At Luc’s Roofing we’re extremely conscious of protecting our customers’ homes and grounds during the job. We know how precious every bit of  property, especially gardens, can be. Shown here is a beautiful garden that was fully protected while the entire roof was removed and a new one installed.

Gardens were fully protected.

Setup to protect plants and gardens.

Here are some other examples of the care with which our jobs are organized to protect your premises:

Using chute and scaffolds to remove debris.

Protecting the neighbour’s property.

The Unavoidable Necessities

If you’ve wondered what to do about the wires, gizmos and gadgets that are part of the on-going life of your roof, let Luc’s Roofing tidy things up and make them look as trim as possible. Roofed perfectly, this area that houses service wires could have been a nightmare but ended up with a beautifully blended appearance.

Detail work done by an expert craftsman.

A blended appearance.

These are only some of the details that come up in our daily jobs.
Ask your Luc’s Roofing estimator for advice about anything that is particular to your home.

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